Thank Gxx the Lxxx the Dxxxx the Earth Mother that I can now go to almost any American college, find the guy with three diaper pins (two functional), and be whisked to a safe space/free speech zone where I may think, and sometimes even say, whatever I choose as long as it agrees with The Word as revealed by Bill Ayers, Bernadette Dorn, Saul Alinsky and Angela Davis*. I will then be gifted (re-gifted, actually) silly putty, a Black Lives Matter Coloring… I mean, Shading-in Book, a box of Capitulated Crayons wherein “flesh” is now “privilege”, some aroma therapy that smells a lot like cannabis, and a chronicle of every instance of police abuse of power known to man absent a single example of lives saved by unparalleled bravery and devotion to duty.

Thank any Hillary.

*To become a tenured professor at UCLA one has only to murder a judge in his courtroom in Marin County. Do-dah.


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