Snippets: Comments from the Red

Here’s a free sampler of this awesome new book from Phil Berto and Stormfront Publishing. Click the buttons at the bottom of the page to get it in your choice of e-book formats.

Lib-rals, Conservatives, Alt-right, Alt-left, Catholics, Protestants, Jews and everyone else are fair game for the riotous humor and nose-tweaking opinions of Phil Berto. These snippets of “Plain Old Common Sense” come to his mind every day, and after years of sharing them with only subscribers to his newsletter, he’s finally giving the rest of us a glimpse! From the Presidential Election to why Lib-ral Ladies should ALWAYS wear camo, you’ll laugh, growl and never get over this collection of thoughts from a modern philosopher,. This is the book that’s turning the world on its ear and making everyone laugh, scream and think!

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