Our Founders feared that farce of mob rule called “democracy”; they set up a republic.

Democracy: One person, one vote. Lunacy. (Look around you.)

Republic: Wanna vote? Be an asset, not a parasite. Contribute fucking something to society. Dirtbag demands a say? Move to Somalia. They’ll think you are a genius.

Socialism: Gov-mint sanctioned mob rule by force. Relax; you get free college so you’ll be an educated welfare recipient (Yay), ‘counta they don’t be no jobs. Lotsa mind, speech, and gun control. Deadbeats love it: they get free shit, they minds is already shot, they speech is like this, and they guns was token away by the po-lice years ago.*

P.S.: Socialism and it’s more balsy twin, communism, have killed more people and bankrupt more countries than any system of government known to man person, yet the Left wants to Try It Again here.

Q: Are they that stupid?

A: They are that insane.

*The Left will always allow them to say things like:

“Gramma! Borry me your hash pipe! We got 2 weeks to vote.”

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