Like Egypt, Carthage, and Rome before her, a mighty España one ruled the Mediterranean world. Elizabethan England was scared to death of her. France still could not complete. Spain first took what she needed; then whatever she wanted. But, like her “invincible” predecessors, it all fell apart from within, exactly as in happening to the United States courtesy of the Democrat Party of Pelosi, Schumer, Ocasio-Cortez, and other ninnies. If older empires fell due to their blood sports and unhumane treatment of captives, America’s atrocity, after slavery, is state-sanctioned infanticed a/k/a late-term and partial-after birth abortion, couched, of course, in such bullshit malaproprisms as “freedom of choice”, “women’s health issues”, or that ultimate insult to reason, “re-productive rights”. (Bitch has a right to an IUD, a condom, a before, during, or after pill, and to get herself fixed; she has no “right” to kill her baby.) When a Nation treats full-term and late-term (viable) babies as objects for disposal, it’s over. When 51% of a population prefers to sit it out on the dole rather than work for a living, it’s over. When they have to vote for a Clinton or a Pelosi to “keep our shit comin’”, it’s over. Your last hope is a roughhewn businessman, the Davy Crockett Goes To Washington story of our time. Why anyone would cast their lot with the pampered professional establishment leeches of both entrenched Parties escapes me.

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