You saw it in their faces. The Kavanaugh girls, so ebullient at their Dad’s nomination, wore wan smiles that did not reach their eyes. The bloodless coup at the hands of a joyless kook failed; or did it? For every hateful harridan who harassed and harangued, ten productive Americans lost the last vestige of respect for our government: which is half in the hands of vicious Democrat liars, have vacated by hapless Republican liars. Had Lindsay Graham not stepped up (see, he asked-listened to the Senatoress from Hawaii), many other gutless senators would have caved to the crazies. What CNN calls the “notion” of presumption of innocence now exists only in the law books. It is gone. With its passing goes the “notion” of representative government, which was eviscerated by the vicious Democrats, with enthusiastic support from their enslaved liberal establishment “news” media. Yay.

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