Can only be heard by dogs and Democrats. Order today. Send your milk money to Gillum for Governor, Caracas, VZ.

RE: THE ABOVE: the liberal establishment “news” media spoke of big spending by his opponents with nary a peep about Gillum being bankrolled by Tom Steyer and George Soros, both of whom got filthy rich gaming capitalism and now want socialism for everybody else.

Q: When does a capitalist become a socialist?
A: As soon as he has made his billions.

Q: When does a developer become an environmentalist?
A: As soon as he has built his dream home on pristine primeval property.

Q: When did Al Gore reduce his carbon footprint?
A: He didn’t; he just wants you to.

Q: When will Hollywood elites give up their walls and their armed security?
A: Never; they just want you to.

Q: When will Barbra Streisand, Bob De Niro, Nancy Pelosi, Jane Fonda, etc., let a Mexican (or you) in their front door?
A: Fucking never.

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