We all know that the Obama Administration swat team-attacked family-owned Gibson Guitar 
Company to enforce the wood export laws of India...Aw, did CNN forget to tell you that, too? 
Years earlier but just as sneakily, liberal-establishment Democrats and their cohorts in Congress, 
gutless-globalist Republicans, mucked up a mainstay that had served us well for decades. 

Properly placed and fastened, original pressure treated lumber lasted a lifetime, above and below 
ground. There was only one grade: The Best*. Enter yuppiedom, which discovered (on-line, 
of course) that the chemicals used to process PT lumber were found by the State of California to 
be hazardous to the health of wood destroying organisms. Ta-da! Time to find an unelected, 
unremoveable career bureaucrat (too easy: your grotesque gov-mint consists of them) who 
could not wait to pit his/her/its Sociology Degree In Nothingness against the life’s work of a small 
business owner’s entire family at, of course, tax-payer expense. Out goes the effective wood 
treatment; in comes “environmentally friendly” crap that, like Antifa, does not work. You'll have 
to replace the entire edifice in 10 years, but it’s OK; by then you'll have a personal AOC windmill 
to run your skilsaw. The only impact will be to your (now older) ass and, of course, your bank 
account. Oh, yes, and they'll have to cut more lumber.

On the Pave The Planet Coalition side, the mill that made the boards was shut down for perturbing 
a ptarmigan; that family’s lifetime investment in equipment was sold to Brazil for pesetas on the 
dollar. (This is a Democrat’s dream: a hundred braw laddies and stalwart lassies outta work and 
on the dole; they'll hafta vote Democrat “to keep their shit coming”.) Now, you know, you fucking 
know, that our southern neighbors will be just as careful as we were. To avoid building erosion-
inducing roads (?Que?), they will rig cable runs to sky out logs (?Que?) whenever possible rather 
than rape the rainforest (?Que?). Those folks have a history of environmental stewardship, rafts of 
raw sewage drifting past Rio** notwithstanding. No way they will disturb a spotted owl; nor do 
they really fight bulls, roosters and dogs, take tiny fish, fin sharks alive, and rip both claws off 
fiddler crabs so the poor things starve to death before they can breed and thus ensure the survival 
of the species for future generations. (?Que?)

In short, Sir/Madam/Undecided, any imagined environmental benefit is negated 10x over by the 
need to log out ten times more timber when the Gov-mint Approved junk fails prematurely. As 
the establishment judge in Who Framed Roger Rabbit would say, “The forest will echo the sound 
of chainsaws, bulldozers, log trucks and road graders. The smell of burning brush and fossil fuel 
will fill the air. My God, it will be beautiful.”

Editrix: Girls, before you list your latina/latino friends: at least they don’t yearn for Yoplait Yogurt 
in cutesy (hear me roar) backwards container/animal traps that could not have been made more 
suitable to the slow suffocation/strangulation of small skunks & squirrels. Fucking kumbaya.

* There are now 2 grades: below ground poor and above ground useless.

** Thor Hierofanta affixed an outboard motor to one of these, named it Kon-KaKa, and piloted it 
upriver to visit relatives in Brasilia. This got him listed (but not doxxed) by Guinness next to 
Antifa Sports Legends. Look it up.

NOTE: Like all obedient lib-ral liars, Peta, Greenpeace, Sierra Club, etc. have gone brown blind. 
Their politically-correct dogmatism only permits them to notice animal abuse by whites. Can I get 
a caucasoid kumbaya?

PS: Portuguese- How U speaka Spanish when U R shitfaced.

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