Yes, we earlier referred to “Japs & Krauts.” First of all, don’t nobody care ’bout no Krauts. 10% of their military during something called World War II (kids with NEA [union, no competency testing] teachers can look this up) were members of the National Socialist Party. Nevertheless, we relentlessly refer to the ninety percent who were just grunts and sailors fighting for their country as “Nazis.” When you win a war, you get to govern the narrative.

The Japs, now, are quite another matter. Dresden was the scene of a true self-generating firestorm caused by an Allied incendiary air attack, but Hiroshima gets the sympathy because of Japan’s “quaint culture.*” That quaintness included the Rape of Nanking, where noble samurai vied to see how many heads they could cut off with a single sword stroke, babies were bayoneted like shish-ke-bob, and civilians were shoved into ditches and buried alive. I mean, these guys were quaint.

For the lib-rals: The Japs killed lotsa trees, were very cruel to animals,** and they didn’t recycle.

*Not my description. Your Smithsonian Museum allowed a psycho leftist to caption a Japanese tableau: “The Japanese were just defending their quaint culture against Western imperialism.” Hmm. I guess she never heard of “Emperor” Hirohito, The Imperial Japanese Navy, or the brutal Japanese conquests throughout the Pacific Rim.

**The poorly-directed movie skipped it, but the book Unbroken says a prison guard raped the POW’s pet document, which, of course, died. After VJ Day, the local townsfolk insisted that the guard, who had brutalized American prisoners as well, be included in a monument to other local Jap heroes. How quaint.

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