Q: Would you sew up my jeans, Gramma?

A: “Sew”? What’s “sew”? Now hand me my hash pipe and go play in the street.

Gramma’s parents fought a World War; Dad on the front lines, Mom expertly* building weapons of war. Parenting skills suffered; their kids obliged by turning on, dropping out, and “walking in” their dungarees. Yep, they dragged their clothing over spit-on sidewalks ’till the heels of their Frye boots wore the hem to length. Morons. Factor in iron-on patches, and sewing skills went the way of child rearing**. NOTE: Aging hippies taught their kids very little so not much was left to pass on, making today’s numbskulls easy prey for NEA (union, no competency testing) teacher/socialist indoctrinators. It’s over.

*A heavy bomber’s four 27-cylinder radial engines had 140 connections that could leak oil. They didn’t.

**So-called due to the epicenter of speaking/belting/switching. Look it up.

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