Forward: Vagrants spread syringes and scat on sanctuary city sidewalks. We are culturally insensitive. Guess who lib-rals viciously attack?

“You killed unwanted children, kow tow to a Deep State, and put political rivals in solitary confinement via a mutt named Muerrer, but it took you 3 generations of bad parenting/bad teaching /bad “news” media to get there. #&%+$@¢#! [Pshaw!] Your lib-rals still allow vestiges of the valor of your Revolutionary War and the genius of your Constitution; we erased the Tianamen Square Masscre* in 30 years. Now: Where Horrywood?”

-Ho Lee Fuk, Department of Re-Education

Peoples Democratic Socialist Republic Dictatorshp of China

*Chinese correge student: “What country did that happen in?” (actual quote)

American college “student”: “We’re outta beer. Get Gramma’s bong.”

Att progressives who identify with the female gender: sit down and shut up. In china, you would have been killed at birth for being the wrong sex. Be thankful that lib-rals will never do that here…Oops!

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