Only a smattering of RAF forces were dispatched to defend the Dunkirk troop evacuation to avoid risking planes & pilots needed to defend against and invasion. I (hope) I would have sent the whole shebang. I believe that an overwhelming response would have lost fewer planes, not more, while serving notice (Achtung!) that an attack against British forces, anywhere would be met with annihilation. Moreover, any Kraut killed at Dunkirk would be one less to deal with later.

Afterward, the sorry sumbitch* who apologized for our actions* would be put on community organization for the duration.

*Talkin’ ‘bout Neville Chamberlain here. What were you thinking, you lib-ral yuppie racist bastard?

Q: Post-Obama, can a tachometer still have a redline?
A: So, not on campus.*

*too divisive

P.S.: Ask any girl what a tach is; the boys are playin’ Dungeons and & Dragons. It Takes A Village.

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