Today’s aware blacks are far less likely to be hustled by Sharpton, Jackson, and other race baiters/victimization hustlers. They know Trump is no racist. Why do the Democrat operatives at CNN persist in calling Trump, and everyone else who dares to disagree, racist? Easy one: they are racist, through and through. Everything they report is seen through a racial prism. Cop defends himself, shoots back. Is the cop black? Is the criminal, I mean, “victim”? is Kammy black enough? Is Cory androgynous enough? Will Beto stop playing with shit long enough to support reparations?

Q: Why do the Democrat operatives at CNN assign “racism” to diversity of opinion?

A: Because they know, they fucking know, that come election day, buncha lib-ral know-nothings, fully indoctrinated by lib-ral teachers, ex-hippie parents, and fake “news” media, will emerge from mommy’s basement and vote as they are told; maybe mask up and smash coupla capitalist store windows onna way home. Who else would expect, or even want, student loan “forgiveness” anda buncha other gov-mint free shit at the expense of their freedom? Freedom is an empty promise to those who cringe in cellars. Until an unvaccinated illegal alien invader drops in and takes his stash and video game, this societal carbuncle will support taxpayer-funded giveaways for all. Cumbaya.

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