DADDY! DADDY! WHAT’S A TTITY BAR? (Smart answer: “Uh, how would I know?”)

GPS tells the boss where his rigs are, so truckers suddenly obey speed limits. No more makin’ up time so they can stare a stripper. Families do not miss the Girls! Total Nudity! Signs, and drivers now spend spare time at the chrome shops. Note: Airplane pilots and race car drivers flat black everything in their line of sight.

Q: Why do truckers blind you (and themselves) with bling?

A: Because they’re stupid.

Q: They drive all day for a living. Why not cut down on glare rather then produce it?

A: ‘Cause they’re stupid.

Q: Why do they seem to enjoy the world’s most boring job?

A: They’re stupid.

Q: Why jake brake into town (“saves brakes & clutches, doncha know”) ‘steada taking their foot ouuta it and (quietly) coasting, which is (almost) free?*

A: Haven’t you been paying attention? They’re stupid.

*Owner-operators ghost into and out of town because their name is on the door and they pay for the fuel. They are not stupid.

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