Medieval monks were usually self-sufficient (more from Ken Follett and Mr. Franklin Bauer, the high school teacher who spoiled me for most college professors). Thye built their own living quarters, barn and stables; they dug fish ponds, raised livestock and grew crops. Unlike hippie communes, sloth was not tolerated.

They followed St. Paul’s rule (Bible-quoters may check this) of “No workee, no eatee”, which is Latin (well, Aramaic, actually) for “Go be a deadbeat somewhere else”. Note: Today’s dirtbag simply finds a Democrat with a handful of O.P.M.* He/she/it** will salivate to spend stupid out of his sluggishness*** with someone else’s simoleons. Thank any lib-ral.

Gillibrand Glossary

                                    *Other People’s Money.

** We’re LGBT-WTF friendly ‘round here.

***Don’t nothin’ get a grifter goin’ faster than fantasies of free shit.

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