You want a new tattoo but the rent is doo. Go get your sleeve, Sis; add some fresh piercings while you’re attit. Celebrate your new-found beauty with a carton o’ ciggie-butts and a case of beer. Onna way home, get on your gov-mint giveaway “free” phone and call the nearest unelected career bureaucrat to claim mold in your rent-assisted (at taxpayer expense) apartment. You’ll have a year while they “process” your claim; meanwhile, the owner will be powerless to collect rent or evict you. Congratulations! You just a got a year’s “free” rent a nice new tatt (plus some fresh body bling) on the back of some working stiff. You are now a Democrat for life, and you didn’t even have to be snuck into the Country by a drug/human trafficking cartel. Yay.

P.S.: This is a win-win for you and Kamala Harris; both of you have no shame.

Gillibrand glossary “free”: purchased with O.P.M (Other People’s Money) see: “Democrat”)

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