The EBC mom wastes thousands of kilowatt hours of (subsidized) ‘lectric every year. Talkin’ ‘about 6 barefoot rugrats courtesy of 6 dif’rent absentee dads playin’ video games while clad in t-shirts and underwear, maybe shorts, in winter, with the furnace ripping to maintain an insane 80°. Perversely, this same slut must refrigerate her (subsidized) rental home to 68° in summer. (Look for logic elsewhere.) Meanwhile, working folks don sweaters, long pants, and fucking sox; they are comfortable with the thermostat set at a reasonable, take-the-chill-off level. In summer, they augment a decent level of A/C with a well-placed fan or two. Oh, and they know how to open a window when the weather is right and fucking close it when it isn’t. Duh.

A year’s frugality rewards the working stiffs with enough capitalist coins to fish a bass boat or race a motorcycle. 12 months of literally spilling O.P.M.* allows the welfare maven to get more body bling and a new sleeve tattoo. Guess whose carbon footprint the lib-rals whine about?

*Other People’s Money

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