“My baby daddy”. Not “the father of my child”. Not even “my baby’s daddy”. Nope. “My baby daddy.” That’s the best brainless (And she breeds!) can do, and “culturally sensitive” NEA (union, no competency testing) teachers are not allowed to correct this shit. My baby daddy. Heck, even limousine lib-ral Joe Biden thinks that ghetto fabulous children are “as smart as white kids” (Trump, of course, is the racist here), and they are; they just aint taught nothin’ no more. Joe & Company remain unaware that lotsa white kids are also semi-literate (Who are the real racist here?). Nevermind facts, the truth (there go Joe again) is that in extirpating patriarchy in favor of matriarchy (whey they don’t be no baby daddy, they hasta be a strong Mom), the feminists got theysells sidestepped by buncha teen moronic moms and they (feminists) don’t even know they have fucked it all up. My baby daddy. Indeed.

Onna plus side, one more generation of professionally dumbed-down (thank any NEA [union, no competency testing] teacher) teen moronic moms and we’ll be safe from the depredations of China and Russia.

Q: What will keep out a Sino-Russo invasion force?

A: The State of the Union. Be like takin’ over Somalia. Nothin’ worth stealin’

Q: Wouldn’t they send their prisoners here?

A: Only the ones who really piss them off.

Q: Will there be torture?

A: Of course there will be torture. Ever day ever body wheel be forced to watch Teen Moron Mom and lissen to her, “My baby daddy”. Ever day.

Q: Wouldn’t Teen Moron Mom learn to speak ‘time she turned 14?

A: Shee-it. ‘Time she turned 14, she be havin’ ‘nother baby daddy ta keep track of.

Q: Couldn’t at lease one o’ them baby daddy be her husband?

A: Bro. I tell the jokes ‘roun here.

TPS Report: When he isn’t pointing a shotgun at the camera(man) like any “I didn’t know it was loaded” fool, Jimmy Kimmel mocks Melania’s accent in her fifth (5th) language. YOU were fucking born here. What ‘sackly is your excuse? Ast yo baby daddy. Fucking dumbass.

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