A STATE OF MINDLESS: Massachusetts then: seat of revolution. Massachusetts now: State of obedience.


The Obama Administration’s efforts notwithstanding, racism in America was on the wane. The people were figuring it out by themselves. Group endeavors like sports, church, and (especially) working for a living brought folks together. Racism was becoming unacceptable and uncool. Along comes one bad cop to provide an opportunity for BLM leftists to exploit. Having already honed their craft on the “hands up, don’t shoot” lie, they pounced on the George Floyd tragedy, dragging their cadre of white Marxist malcontents with them. The same faces you saw at Occupy Wall Street appeared in Minneapolis. One fat white undoable tussled with a congressman in Seattle. A week later she tried to hide the vandalism by blocking the camera with a sign in Portland. Spontaneous protest? Bullshit.

* * *


You are visiting a Dem0crat-run city. A lib-ral rats you out for not wearing a mask. To avoid arrest, simply smash a store window and boost a TV. -BLM

* * *


People who think that having standards in education is racist are themselves the ultimate racists. They are saying, in effect, that blacks are too dumb to learn. They should have to fly on an airplane that was cobbled together using approximate math, prepped by an undisciplined mechanic, piloted by someone whose mind is imprecise, guided by an air traffic controller speaking ghetto, to see a surgeon who chose his own curriculum as he partied his way through a medical school that had no fucking standards. Dumbass.

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