Her: We visited Carmel, and then went down to San Francisco.
Him: You mean “up”. San Francisco is north of Carmel.
Her: I thought it was south.
Him: When you drove up the Pacific Coast Highway, what side was the ocean on?
Her: Ri…Le…driver’s side. What’s that got to do with anything?
Him: With the ocean (Pacific) on your left, wouldn’t you be heading north?
Her: Huh? Who knows? Anyway, I just Googled it.

MORAL: Prehistoric men hunted miles from the cave; women gathered within sight of Sakes (look it up), but men & women are just the same. Ask any feminist.
Next week: anatomy.

PS: Today’s NEA (union, no competency testing) teacher have things out. Now yutes, male, female and undecided, are helpless absent their “devices”. Witness the latest Age in the History or Men: Stone Age, Bronze Age, Iron Age, Industrial Age, and Man Bun Age. Gee, d’ya think that three generations of bad parenting and pisspoor schooling have had an effect? Now, borrow me yer bong, Gramm.
For the doubter: young women now join the Army (hunter), young “men” become waitresses (gathers). 10 year-old boys squeal like 5 year-old girls, 10 year-old girls play football. Victory: feminists.

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