TRUMP SEPARATES LETTUCE FROM LA RAZA (Rips ’em right outa their arms)

Q: Wassa difference ‘tween iceberg lettuce and organic iceberg lettuce?

A: About a buck-fifty

NOTE: Aw, that’s cynical. Ever-buddy knows that organic anything* (‘cept, of course, wild game) tastes bland and spoils quickly.
La Raza got way ahead of this decades ago: “Get yuppie gringos, I mean, Americans Del Norte to pay triple for Cesar Chavez Brand lettuce to fund the medical bills that 51% (a kind figure) of Mexican immigrants do not.”
PB: This is absurd. American (Del Norte) taxpayers already paid the medical (and education, and liability insurance) bills of illegal invaders without even being asked. Thank any Diane Feinstein.

* Store-bought “organic” ain’t like home-grown otganic

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