Asked Unified Sportsman of Florida to sponsor legislation to outlaw shark finning in Florida waters. They said it is not their thing. NRA bureaucrats ignored the same suggestion. One would think they’d want the positive publicity. Gonna send it to our new Governor. If Mr. DeSantis ever considers higher office (I hope he does), he should jump on it now and expand it to US territorial waters later. Also needed is a heavy fine for cutting the tail off a stingray or skate. Bro, if you are so ill-equipped that you lack pliers and gloves, cut the line. Cost you a 10¢ hook, which the fish will work out in coupla days. Dumbass.

“What you do for (to) the least of these, you do for (to) Me.”
You have head of this, no? ‘Course, fundamentalists will argue that (to) is not biblically correct based on their intimate knowledge of Aramaic, Greek, Hebrew, and Latin and nevermind that they demonstrate linguistic flexibility when claiming that biblical wine was actually grape juice. Amen.

Q: how did the ancients preserve grape juice?
A: Wine.

Suggestion: Try following the spirit of the sermon rather than the letters of the law. Jesus already fired the Pharisees.

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