You don’t pray TO them; you ask for their help. Still, lotsa folks deny the intercession of saints. I doubt it, too, until Dad (who was no saint) helped me with a project. (He was a master carpenter; I hammer nails.) As I built something I was never trained for, I wondered: “How did I know how to do that?”* More recently, an outside cat came home from St. Vetrix wearing a C-collar. Hada keep him inside ‘till the stitches came out. He spent 3 days under the bed and hardly ate. Onna 4th I told Francis and Anthony they were doing a crappy job, whereupon Cat emerged, ate, and hopped up on the bed. See? Even saints need some straightening-out once in a while.

*Sure, Jesus prob’ly had a hand in it; I’ve heard He was a pretty good apprentice, although His forte’ was, like, Bible study and such.

P.S.: I put a graven image of Dad on my desk Jesus already had the wall.

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