Hate speech: anything you say about lib-rals

Free speech: anything lib-rals say about you.

* in the other lib-ral “choice”, somebody dies.


onservative: rips babies from invading illegal alien mother’s arms and nurses them both back to health.

democratic socialist: rips babies from mother’s womb and kills them.

communist: does same, but only to female babies.

feminist: ignores all of the above.

lib-ral: ignores all of the above; sings “Cumbaya”.

Catholic Charities: stows unvetted, undocumented, unemployed illegal alien invaders among workingfolk who are too busy to notice until it is too late, far, far away from the bishopric, but only after forcing them to sing “Cumbaya”.

Democrat presidential candidate: pretends he/she/it does not know what partial-birth abortion is; opposes freedom of choice for school vouchers. Cumbaya.

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