Atheists and agnostics need look no farther than the common hen’s egg for deliverance from their confusion. In one of God’s little ironies, the part of the egg that you think would become the check, the yolk (it is even the right color), doesn’t. In a bit of a wise-guys style, God creates a complex organism out of the egg “white.” Fed by the yolk, a bit unclear do is turned into a sentiment*being. From a colorless, odorless liquid comes a creature with such specialized body parts and his eyes (complex in themselves, no?), Claws, beak, scales on the legs, feathers typed for function/position, closed respiratory, circulatory and food processing systems, survival instinct, infinitely more sense about what to put in its mouth than any human baby, and far more appealing to the eye then (again) any new-born “person” that I have ever seen**.

*If you think “sentiment” gives too much credit to a chicken, compare its actions to those of any teenage girl.

**People who say “He/she is so cute” about a newborn baby are lying through their teeth. Most newborns are wrinkly little horrors until they are at least a few days old.

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