Feminism has won. (Dumbass)

PLE = Potential Lifetime Employer
WJA = Worthy Job Applicant
SJS = Sniveling Job Seeker


PLE: What do you do?
WJA: Seaman apprentice, Sir.
TLE: What ship?
WJA: Cutty Sark, Sir.
TLE: Under Captain Woodget?
WJA: The same, Sir.
PLE: And you’re still alive? The Company tailor is Hawthorne & Eddington.
WJA: Yes, Sir! Thank you, Sir!


PLE: What do you do for a living?
SLS: So, management trainee?
PLE: What do you DO?
SJS: So, I wait on tables?
PLE: What does your sister do?
SJS: So, she drives a chainsaw for an electric power company?
PLE: Send her. (Dumbass)

Thank any NEA (union, no competency testing) teacher and any single Mom (it takes a village) parent whose offspring were raised by strangers and a “daycare” child warehouse part and the feminist don’t even know that they have fucked it all up. (Dumbass)

*Alan Villiers, The Way of a Ship.

**Hillary Clinton

cross-reference: man-bun, Starbucks, lib-ral

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