“Accuse others of your treachery.” -Communist Manifesto

Communist: re-write history, foment class struggle.

Conservative: Betsy Ross would slap Colin’s face; Crispus Attucks would hurt him.

Again (pay attention), our Country’s founders did not decide to get themselves some slaves. They were born into a system which had existed since Biblical times; still does in Islam’s idiotic world. They set up a system of government which put an end to that abomination in 2 generations, an eyeblink in human history. When the showdown came, a lotta white boys died to Get It Done.

Note: Many black soldiers died fighting for freedom during the Civil War*, yet their numbers pale in comparison to the white soldiers who died fighting for someone else’s freedom. Put another way, the “reparations” have been paid in blood. Are you still waiting for Colin to simply say, “Thank you”? # Me Too.

*Civil War: ask your NEA (union, no competency testing) teacher to look this up.

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