The Founders spec’d out a republic. They presciently feared today’s “liberal” mob rule (doxing, caravans, listing, etc.) that are aided and abetted by fawning “liberal”-compliant “news” media. Plus (get this), they expected voters to contribute something to society, not be parasites on it. The nerve!

Those old dead white men were such pricks! They expected voters to wash up, dress appropriately (Huh?) and present themselves at the time of their choosing during a -hour period (Huh?) on a pre-set day (Huh?) that was never a Monday or a Friday (Oh, like people don’t party all week), having on their person as much identification (Racist!) as they would take to a bar or library, and cast an informed* (Huh?) ballot.

Not blind obedience to the Democrat operatives at CNN. Hint: get some channels and find a counterpoise. Truth often lies midships.

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