She advocates for women but celebrates her maleness with man-suits and man-ner-isms. The 100th ranked male tennis player will beat the top female every time, but I had wondered how the 100th best male would fare among female soccer players. One Womens World Cup later, it turns out he did quite well. Re the aggressiveness of a man plus the self-absorption of a woman*: has anyone thought to test this person?

Q: For drugs?

A: For dick.

*Deny away; her/his victory antics speak volumes about MEgan

P.S.: Teach Your Robots Well. “We will speak with anyone who agrees with us.” Thank you, Megan, for summing up the “liberal” approach to life, and for reminding us that an athlete/political commentator is no more absurd than a singer or an actor* feigning competence in that arena.

* Actor: pretends to be someone else for a living (hardly a noble profession), yet an entire generation of dumbed-down Americans (thank any NEA, union, no competency testing teacher) actually listen to these assholes.

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