A cough syrup/expectorant sold for $16. Free market capitalism stepped in, added a decongestant, and now offers it at Family Dollar for $2.50.

Q: Do you really want the gov-mint to fuck that up?

A: I am a Democrat and, why, yes. Yes I do. Here’s how.

Gov-mint will form a Committee to look into this. Three years and $3 million later, they will set up (‘nother year, ‘nother $1 million) a Department. They will try to force a matching price, but settle for $3. Add $1 for the petty bureaucrat’s salary & benefits, $2 for his/her/its* Supervisor’s salary & benefits, $3 for the Department Head’s salary & benefits, and $4 to incentivize a complaint congressperson to sponsor the requisite legislation. Tack on a 30% margin of error and, why, you’re back up to $16…well, $16.90, actually.


*We’re LGBT-WHATEVER friendly ’round here.

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