Esquire wants to elect someone to “save the world from Trump.” I guess we’ll be giving back all those hostages, rejoining the Paris Accord fraud, and bringing back the old NAFTA rip-off.

A barely do-able broad at another failing NY magazine managed sexism and ethnicity-ism by hissing that Melania “always looks as if she is about to sneeze,” a mindless reference to Mrs. Trump’s captivating Eurasian eyes. Why not just call her a “plant?” If you are a lib-ral and support infanticide a.k.a. late-term/partial-birth abortion, you may say anything.

A giant ladies’ talkshow (yes, there are a few man-buns in the audience) host with a re-manufactured face lances into her Edith Ann chair and goads her vapid audience with, “I wonder what Melania will say next,” and “She’ll probably wear something inappropriate,” eliciting snickers from flip-flop shod skanks and guffaws among those who (barely) speak one language.

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