Shit, this is too easy. Moving on to… BLACK LIVES MATTER. THEY VOTE DEMOCRAT. –any Democrat

No American President had ever sent our Attorney General (I should say “his” AG; Eric Holder called himself Obama’s “wingman”) to investigate a single –casualty police shooting. Had Holder been looking for truth rather than trouble, he would have told us that he and his dozen henchmen went over Fergusen with a fine tooth comb and found no wrongdoing. Instead, not having seen what they wanted to find, they slinked away. Obama and our, I mean “his” liberal-complaint establishment “news” media were happy to let the story live on as a handy example of police brutality, to be played with any race card, instead of putting it to rest via the (inconvenient) truth that thug Michael Brown had tried to murder a police officer with his own gum. This makes perfect sense to Corruptdemocrats, who perpetuate the cult of victimhood among America’s minorities in order to ensure their votes, and the dumbed-down (thank any NEA, union, no competency testing teacher) minions fall for it. Every time.

Media Rules (Ya gotta have rules)
1- Cop self-defense that kills a minority thug: Tragic (mention Obama)
2- Cop killed by minority/alien thug: Fear Mongering (mention Trump)

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