A teen trollop (your Senators opened the door for high school yearbooks) gets herself shitfaced and laughed at, got over it enough to earn a doctorate (albeit in something called “psychology”) and, 36 years later, gets even by dragging an entire family, including three females, through her mud. Shame.

NOTE: These same cynics who cry for a psychotic psychologist haven’t take care for the black teenager who was hacked to death minutes from Manhattan… Oops! Brown men did that; illegal aliens to boot. Andrea? Wolf? Anderson? Anyone?

Kate Steinle, shot to death by… Crap, another brown illegal alien. Sshh!

Rules for the New Jerusalem

A stand-up Sister or a stalwart Steinle may be hacked/shot to death by brown men.

A drunken stank may not be laughed at by privileged white teenagers.

A brown illegal alien felon X 5, deportee X 7, may shoot sea lions and Kate Steinle with nary a deep from PETA, Greenpeace or Handgun Control Inc.

Brown illegal aliens are NOT allowed to bump their heads while entering a police car after killing a girl with clubs and machetes.

(And you thought there were no rules.)

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