As is the People’s Republic of (Anywhere), Truth in Politics, PO Box 33970 (see: you’ll never find us), Indiatlantic, FL 32903 is a sham. They tried to tie Chuck Brannan to Gillum in an effort to get conservative voters to choose their liberal candidate, who claimed to be pro-Second Amendment but was not NRA endorsed (Brannan was/is). The ads gave it away: Marc Vann was photographed, shotgun in hand, allegedly hunting. Problem: the photo appeared to be taken a few yards from the building and, Al Gore-style**, Marc’s* hunting pants & shirt still bore factory creases. Dumbass.

*In my experience, Marks who call themselves “Marc” are like a Vince that calls himself “Vinse.”

**see: “… hunting deer, crawling on my belly with my trusty shotgun…”

Q: Has the deer ever allowed itself to be hunted by someone crawling on his belly?

A: Nope.

Q: Has any hunter ever said “… my trusty shotgun?”

A: Nope.

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