Every organized religion has screwed the pooch except maybe the Quakers.

Q: What do you tell progressives who call the Ten Commandments “suggestions”?

A: “Buy a dictionary.”


I know lotsa chicks, and so do you, who can fathom kissing a girl but want throw up at the thought of two men sucking face. Don’t tell me there is no difference.


“Good works are filthy rags.” What Pastor tells nasty folks who tithe well.

“Faith alone is a clanging gong/tinkling cymbal.” Now you’re onto something, Parson, but it’ll cost you some playing customers who want to go home and not help a living soul.

Jesus was the original first responder; His actions showed us how to live. If you need it spelled out, read The Sermon on the Mount. You’ll see lotsa stuff ‘bout helping your neighbor; not some prattle about knowing Jay-is-us.

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