Many moons ago, Calphalon took some basic commercial cookware, anodized it to keep food off the bare aluminum, they began to anodize them, too. Rather than run in-stock tops back through the manufacturing process, they set them aside for commercial sale. (Don’t nobody peek into the restaurant kitchen to vet the pot lids, no how.)

I ordered a set from a commercial supplier, specifying that I wanted the newfangled top. He called the company, expecting to be told, “Sure. We are the manufacturer. We make the stuff. Of course I can send you anodized lids.” What was he thinking? He was informed, none too politely, that commercial order comes with bare aluminum tops. Period*. If his customer insists on not poisoning his food, he should be sent to a retail outlet. This explains why I heard him shout, “Because this is how I feed my family!” before slamming down the phone.

I was then shown the top of line (LTD), which cost a bit more but required no spacing-out, no stain-removing polish, no belts, pins, or pads.

*Did this bloated bitch cost her employer a commercial account? You bet she did. “Equal pay for equal work”, indeed.

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