“Divisive rhetoric” is closemindedliberal code for how meanspirtedrepublicans, particularly Trump, inartfully describe the real world. Meanwhile, the cumbaya crowd want to punch the President in the face (DeNero), shoot him (Depp), bomb the White House (Madonna), display his severed head (Griffin), and stab him to death (Shakespeare in the Park). Trust your local Archbishopric to derogate the former and ignore the latter. No surprise there; priests parse preaching to preserve paying parishioners. Lotsa prattle ‘bout funding idleness and rewarding indolence (St. Paul’s caveat about “no workee, no eatee”* be damned) while tepidly skirting the greatest evil of our time. During his vaunted visit to the U.S., the Pope gave it seven (7) words. “Life is precious in all its forms.”** is the closet Il Papa, chief pretender among those who fancy themselves, descendants of the Apostles of The Lion of Judah, came to condemning the current holocaust. All the philosophical platitudes about life beginning at conception ignore the obvious distinction that terminating a not-yet viable life is less monstrous than late-term/partial-birth abortion, which murders babies when they are developed enough to cry.

*old orthodox Aramaic. Look it up.

**We learned that in Boy Scouts, priest.

Excommunicatio celerito: How many unvetted unvaccinated unemployed indigent illegal invading aliens has Your Excellency smuggled into his neighborhood?

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