OLD DEAD WHITE MEN Hey, Moe! Let’s remove their portraits from our schools!

“By 1778, one in twenty of the soldiers in Washington’s army was Black. This was the last integrated American army until the Korean War.”-Charles Kuralt narrating The Revolutionary War on Discovery Channel

America’s Founders were born into a world where slavery existed, as it had since biblical times and, in Islamic countries, still bows*. Nevertheless, they set up a system of government but saw an end to slavery in two (2) generations, an eyeblink in human history.

Compare: you were raised in a world where half the population condone abortion; many even excuse infanticide couches and euphemisms such as “late-term” and “partial-birth” abortion. Now, if you think that your Country was a bit tardy in outlawing the atrocity of slavery, what exactly have you done to end the abomination of waiting until a baby is old enough to cry before killing it?

Q: With all the birth-control methods available**today, why is abortion “legal, safe, and (certainly not) rare”?

A: Bro. You’re talkin’ ’bout the 51% of the population that, according to their own literature, wear the wrong size pad 65% of the time.


women’s health issues: infanticide
freedom of choice……..: infanticide (but never, ever, school vouchers)

*ATT Islamaphobia buffs: it ain’t of phobia if it’s a fact

**College grad Sandre Fluke is scared to death of $32 a month (hear me roar), so we the taxpayers get to paper her pills and lotsa others. Hmmm, I wonder if it’s the same 65%…

*** their stats, not mine.


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