CVS PHARMACIES now offer “language assistance” for folks who speak Bahasa, Igbo asusu, ede Yorua, Lokaiahn Pohnpei, Adamawa, tsalagi gawonihisdi, unD, Kajin Majol, Foosun Chuuk, Bisaya, Ikirundi, Kiswahili, Tagalog, Hmoob, (You think I am making this up, don’t you>), and a dozen others that don’t use the Alphabet, including several that look something like this @&%¢$#, but crazier. No wonder CVS charges $49 for a box of insulin needles that I can get at Walmart for $12. Insulin is $169 vs. $26. Tell *all your friends who only speak Hmoob that they should learn how to sway, “Where Walmart?”, and let someone else pay union dues.

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