In a blatant display of corrupt journalism, the liberal-complaint Boston Globe did all the research necessary to prove that Elizabeth Warren gained no advantage* by fraudulently claiming Native American ancestry, so her lying on various employment applications is OK. Had Liz been a conservative, of course, she would have been held to a higher standard (basic decency) by the Globe and, of course, herself.

Now we find that, far beyond claiming Native ancestry, Warren signed up for the Texas Bar as an “American Indian”, and not one bureaucrat looked up from the form long enough to see that this broad is white. (Hint: Elizabeth Fleming Warren. Duh.) Caught, she “covered” (she thinks) with, “Well, I’m not a member of a tribe”. Well, shit, my parents are form Czechoslovakia, I have so much Native American DNA as does the Senator from Dumbass Massachusetts, and I’m not a member of a tribe, either. Maybe we can join one together.

*Ted Kennedy “gained no advantage” by abandoning a drowning girl who was trapped in a car that was barely submerged in six (6) feet of water, so he got a pass, too. Same editor, BG?

PS: The Archbishopric* of Boston visited the Kopechnes and advised against exhuming her for an autopsy “to protect Mary Jo”. Bullshit. Mary Jo was dead, priest. You were protecting the Kennedys, and everybody knew it. Mrs. Kopechne later regretted “the worst decision of my life”. Pray for absolution…for the Catholic Church.

*The guy who harbors illegals in your neighborhood, not his.

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