Treat for fleas within a day or two of mowing for better p-p-penetration. While you’re attit, spray that pile o’ clippings that your bagging mower picked up. Note: mulching mower aficionados may disregard: you’ve already spread those fleas & flea eggs (and weed seeds & mold spores) all overt you propitty. Hot tip: spray, don’t soak. You wanna kill fleas & ants, no salamanders, skinks, spiders, snakes*, and other silent sentinels what keeps the big bugs in check.

P.S.: Lessin’ you have a spare Bean pump layin’ around, the basic garden hose/ spray bottle works surprisingly well. Wear rubber boots and a respirator.

TPS Report: If you make six figures, you have sand fleas and palmetto bugs. Make less, you ave fleas & cockroaches.

*If’n you have kids, pets, or legs, you may shoot poisonous snakes. Only water moccasins attack unprovoked, but if you or yours accidentally step on a rattlesnake, the outcome is the same. Do-dah.

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