Hey, Ladies

Walking a dog, especially a small dog, on a cold day? Lose the pink poochie sweater and put Tyke in a camo vest. Hate guns? All the more reason to sport some camo, maybe even on yourself. Camo is the opposite of L.L. Bean togs which telegraph “this Yuppie broad is holding something worth jackin’ and she is almost certainly unarmed.”*

You are safe in your home only because I have a gun in mine.** Showin’ some camo makes a would-be robber, rapist or dognapper think that, should he even try it, there is prob’ly a gun in his very near future with the scary end pointed right at him.

LADIES: If you do carry, pointing your piece at his crotch will END IT. We all know that 5 days out of each and every month, you will pull the trigger.
*Remember the poor, dumb bastard who brought a knife to a gun fight? A yuppie brings a whistle to a rape/robbery.
**Skeptics may post a small sign stating “This is a gun free home” just to see what happens (and how long it takes).

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