They came via Ellis Island with their heads up. They did not sneak through the sawgrass at Secaucus. There was no welfare, no food stamps, no, “Here. Let me pay your electric bill on the backs of our taxpayers”. Anchor babies? Shee-it. These women went home (translation: 5 days in steerage on an ocean liner) to have their kids by old kunktry midwives because they feared American doctors*. Dad was laborer, Mom scrubbed a hotel lobby floor on her knees (the floor that Mr. Weinberg spit on as he passed). They had no fear of hard work, possessed a heartbreaking capacity for suffering, and advanced themselves with… pure grit, putting 5 kids through private school, 3 through college. They had no use for Democrat schemes of equal outcome; they asked for (and got) equal opportunity. I feel I have failed them in their expectations for me save for one: hard work holds no terror for me.

*Women were told that breast-feeding causes cancer, administered a chemical that dried up their mammary glands (You think I am making this up, don’t you?), and, baby’s beesting be damned, instructed to feed “formula” that could chemically conjure the immune-boost found in mother’s natural colostrum. American women bought into this back-wards bullshit; illiterate Bosnians in babushkas re-crossed an Ocean to have their babies based on 5,000 years of proven procedures. Do-dah.

NOTE: IN THE 1960s the corporate slogan “Better Living Through Chemistry” routinely flashed across our 16” black & white TV screen. Gee, d’ya think those doctors were being touched-up by the formula companies? Why, next they’ll be given “incentives” to prescribe opioids… Oops!

PS: Natural lactation since the dawn of time vs. chemically-induced desiccation: you decide which is more likely to cause cancer.

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