It is a page right out of Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals: accuse the opposition of whatever crap you are pulling. Clinton colludes (Clinton Foundation, Uranium 1, which coincides with Bill’s $500,000 “speaking fee”: Duh!) and Trump gets scrutinized. Brennan initiates an investigation based on tainted “evidence”, seeking to unseat a duly elected president, then accuses Trump of treason. Self-righteous Matt Mueller screwed the pooch and Benghazi*, then tore our country apart over bullshit. “The end justifies the means” was never more viciously applied, and an entire generation of down-down, college-”educated” management trainees (burger flippers) haven’t a clue.

*Then-FBI Director Mueller said it was “too dangerous” to send his agents to investigate the murder of our Ambassador and the three great men, excuse me, persons who tried to protect him. Meanwhile, press people with man bonds swarmed in and ordered (bootleg) Cuba Libres while trampling any evidence that may have been left. Note to Bob: Ya can get T-boned by a school bus while backing outta ya driveway, so just stay home.

PS: The upper echelon of our Intel services and the so-called Justice Department are rotten, but no one questions the rank-and-file FBI folks. Allow me… I watched the new breed of FBI spooks bust a doctor’s office for Medicare fraud. Trust me, these are not the G-men of yore. All I saw was a buncha geeks strutting around, posing their black caps with “FBI” in two-large white letters. Not one looked as if he/she could pass an agility test; as for carting out the doc’s files, well, they all seemed up to the task.

See: “hiring quotas” and thank any Hillary


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