They put it in a squeeze bottle and included a long-handled measuring scoop. Still, it maddeningly migrates and you will get some on your hand. Three (3) washings later, your hand will still smell like…(do the math). I have caught, gutted and eaten almost every species of fish in North America waters, fresh and salt. Some were mild, some not, but nothing prepared me for the infernal funk found in a feline food supplement. Not to say it stanks, but when you throw out the Welactin-treated esculent* that the dumpster-diving stray cat refuses, seagulls will circle your house. In Utah.

NOTE: One (1) call to Nutramax Labs got them re-thinking their formula**.

Hard to hate a firm that:

  • Instantly responds to crabby customer feedback.
  • Prints “Proverbs 12:10” on the box.
  • Employs a customer service rep as nice as Jessica D.

*When we learn a new word, we USE it.

**Obviously stolen from (the other) Mr. Crab.

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