The guy who heard Hillary say, “Kill them all.” In Waco is still alive…..Sheeitt!* Scoff, sceptics, but if a six-foot sex pervert can hang himself form a five-foot bunk, this dude can shoot himself in the head and roll himself in a rug. Vince Foster proved this is possible back in the good old Whitewater days. Gun in the wrong hand? Check out the photos…What? No photos? Did you check the Rose Law Firm file?**

Q: Why’d the Park Police handle this?

A: Ask Hillary.

Q: How many homicides had the Park Police investigated?

A: None. “See? They needed the practice!” -HRC

Q: Why not view the negatives of the “lost” photos?

A: Polariod cameras don’t got no negatives. (Not even double ones. -Ed.)

Q: Why use Polariod camera?

A: Polaroid cameras don’t got no negatives. (Am I going too fast for you?)

*Murderous Janet Reno obediently took “full responsibility”; your liberal compliant “news” media let it go. Seems them dead waifs weren’t Mex-kin, so WAPO, The Grey Whore, and the Boston Gloat had no interest. Note: They cared not a whit when FBI tough guys shot a mother out from under the baby she was holding in her front driveway at Ruby Ridge, and no wonder. Mom was ‘Merican, and conservative no less, as was her pre-teen son. We cannot confirm the political affiliation of the kid’s dog, shot dead as well. Dammitm Janet,

**Caught ordering an aide to “vacuum the Rose Law Firm file”, Hillary later alleged she said, “There is a vacuum in the Rose Law Firm file”. Thus, a verb became a noun, and your fawning, dishonest mainstream media accepted this bullshit.

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