Packaging “engineers” should not be taken out and shot. Dog breeders should be taken out and shot. Packaging “engineers” should be taken out and hanged. On their own devices.

Plastic 6-pack rings have four (4) different size holes, the better to trap turtles with. (Not everybody cuts these things up.) Juice, jelly, rubbing alcohol, etc. are 2-packed via hard plastic rings courtesy of Pak Tech (PAKTECH-OPI.COM). These little horrors have teeth that add torture to slow strangulation of any small animal they ensnare. Note: The manufacturers who use these evil things have an 800 number for consumer comments. Use it.

Ladies only: You’ll say, “Aw, poor thing”, every time you see footage of yet another baby skunk, squirrel, raccoon, opossum, etc. with its head stuck in a container that looks as if it was designed to trap and suffocate small mammals, but you won’t quit buying Yoplait yogurt because it comes in those small cutesy backwards cups that were designed just for you. We’d ask that you at least rinse them, but you put greasy pots in the dishwasher (with predictable results). “I am woman, hear me roar…”

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