We’ll find out what’s in the Bill (Affordable Care Act) after we pass it.” No need to credit that remark, since only one nincompoop among all the morons to Congress is capable of saying it. If you doubt that the United States is no longer a World Power, consider this: the person who made that statement is still in office. Any nation that tolerates that level of vapidity among its leaders is surely in decline. (No wonder the kids at the Chinese restaurant haven’t bothered to learn English: in a few more years wr’ll all have to learn Chinese.)

NOTE: Aw, the Lord won’t let China become the new World Leader. Unlike us, they kill their unwanted children… Oops! Okay, okay, they allow partial-birth abortion… Aagh! Got me again. I wonder if Chinese feminists pretend they don’t know what partial-birth abortion entails, like their American counterparts do.

Actually, the Chinese deserve more respect than we do. When they do ghastly things for the always-debatable “greater good,” they don’t hide behind wimpy semantics like “freedom of choice” (translation: license to kill) and that ultimate sop to meaninglessness, “women’s health issues.”

PS: In China, I believe they shoot any namby-pamby who even says the word “issues.” (In Chinese, “issues” means “gay.” Look it up.)

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