We just heard Senators Gillibrand, Blumenthal and Hirono instruct us to believe a deeply troubled psychologist (Is there any other kind?) Because of her gender (and we are the sexists); the “notion” of the presumption of innocence be damned. But Kanye’s the crazy one. This leftist tactic is nothing new. Charlton Heston marched on the frontline of many a civil rights protest back in the day when doing so could get your head busted by the Democrat political machine of George Wallace, Lester Maddox and Bull Connor. Only after their Parties stopped knocking people down with fire hoses did Hollywood elites venture forth from their gated, guarded compounds to join the movement, with a lotta talking and, unlike Mr. Heston, very little walking.

Later in life, Heston joined the only National Association calling for stiffer penalties for gun crimes, and was ultimately elected its President. Rather than trying to refute his logical, common-sense approach to reducing the illegal use of firearms, the Left simply deemed him to be senile and abandoned all workable plans to keep guns out of the wrong hands. “Gun control” proponents never, ever support harsher sentences for illegal gun use. They do, of course, always approve of all manner of schemes designed to disarm law-abiding citizens, thus providing criminals with a safer work environment.

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