At CNN, the faces were somber. I mean, they were glum. Erin Burnett, Wolf Blitzer and Anderson Cooper gurgled something about Trump pulling off a meeting that just might rid the world of a nuclear-armed North Korea (no Maxine, it’s not the same as “Crimea”). Meanwhile, Robert De Niro performed a vicious anti-Trump tirade/tantrum for a roomful of Hollywood know-nothings.

Bob, buddy, you are an actor. You pretend to be other people for a living; hardly a noble profession. Any Girl Scout leader is 100x more deserving of our attention. *

Hey! Easy on Bob! He was once paid to pretend to be someone who had a degree in… something.

Q: Was everybody so down because Trump might fail at a peaceful solution?

A: Negative, they are all scared to death that he might succeed.

* Saying “Boy Scout” leader would prod the LGBT whatevers.

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