ATT FOX NEWS: I think Wilford Brimley in Absence of Malice if really John Durham when he was fat.

Older blacks know that you never owned a slave, nor did your daddy, or your grand daddy, or your guest…you get the picture. Workingmen and women, black and white, have been busting their asses for generations. This escapes today’s young punks, who are far more caught up in the slavery issue than their elders ever were, nevermind that they are yet one more (privileged) generation removed from that horror.

Q: Why are today’s kids so quick to play the slavery victimization card?

A: Indoctrination by lib-ral NEA (union, no competency testing) teachers.

Suggestion: Monitor a class someday. All the wonderful accomplishments of your Country will be ignored while each hateful act is showcased by people who would not interrupt their jobbing to help an old lady cross the street.

*from a patriotic song called “America The Beautiful”, which your kids have never heard. Thank a teacher.

Gilligbrand glossary: patriotic: xenophobic, sexist, racist, probably pro-NRA.

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